Salon Bookings Increase

96% of American businesses generate under $1M/year. Small businesses matter, and here’s a story from one of the 96%.

Hair salons, one of the cornerstones of the small business sector, are largely dependent on client bookings to make money.

A small salon asked for our help to increase their bookings during slow weeks. Their clients were loyal, but they’d often push off booking an appointment, which reduced cash flow for the salon.

I can relate — we’re all so busy, we often put off personal care items like haircuts — not because we don’t want to look good, but because we forget, or we’ll “do it tomorrow.”

We asked if they’d be open to sending clients a text message reminder to schedule a booking.

They agreed, and we sent three texts during slow times over a five-month period. Each text offered a small offering, like an upgrade on their cut, and a call-to-action link to “book now.”

We noticed a few results:

  1. An immediate (and expected) increase in link clicks and bookings
  2. Revisiting of the booking link weeks after initial message was sent
  3. 29% increase in bookings for July, and a 15% increase in October

A few simple text reminders generated thousands of dollars in revenue for this small business.

Success isn’t always about hitting home runs; sometimes you just need to get on base.


Bookings increase chart