By downloading or using any SMS Masterminds logo, you are agreeing to conform to the usage guidelines outlined below. The SMS Masterminds logo may not be used in any way that may confuse, mislead, or suggest an affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement.


The SMS Masterminds logo is used for visibility and positive recognition in today’s marketplace. The manner in which we present ourselves will play a significant role in the public’s impression of our institution. The goal is to keep our communications simple, dignified, and coordinated for a positive and professional image. The excellence of our print, broadcast, and electronic media is reflective of SMS Masterminds; each new design situation creates a new challenge. In a world where new communication vehicles and methods arise frequently, we must be flexible. This brief guide provides quick direction for the treatment of the SMS Masterminds logo in a variety of situations.

Logo Specifications

The SMS Masterminds logo is specifically designed to identify the SMS Masterminds. This logo is composed of the representative icon and logotype. This signature is exemplified by a no-nonsense icon projecting a total command of the small business digital marketing landscape. The floating head icon indicates a “Birds Eye View” of a more productive and easier way to small business success. These guidelines specify how the logo and its colors are to be used to create a foundation for visual unity, impact, and consistency when used in print, broadcast, and electronic media.

Color Logo Specifications

Use on a light background

Use on a black background

Spot Pantone 2995c should be used when printing spot colors, and the process build should be used when using four color printing.

Black and White Logo Specifications

Use black ink when printing a one-color logo. If not using black ink, you may print this logo in the ink required, although it damages the consistency of the logo. If printing two to three spot colors, and one is not Pantone 2995c, use the black and white logo only

Clear Space Logo Specifications

Allow 1/5 of X (the size from the top of the logo to the bottom) spacing on all sides of the logo.

Type Logo Specifications

Never recreate the logo. Do not substitute the font in the SMS Masterminds logotype. Avenir is the suggested typeface for body copy when creating a layout, although this is not the typeface used in the SMSMasterminds logo. (Avenir is used in this body copy.)

Never use the icon without the Masterminds font, Big Noodle Titling. You may use the Head/icon as a textural element in your designs as long as the entire logo is used in the piece also.

SMS Masterminds Creative Team is ultimately responsible for approving uses which do not follow the established guidelines. Such uses will be carefully and openly considered.

The basic goal is to meet the needs of the SMS Masterminds without doing damage to the consistency of the identity system

Don’ts Logo Specifications

  • Never replace the typeface in the SMS Masterminds with your own.
  • Do not use the logo on a busy pattern or background that impairs its legibility.
  • Do not stretch any part of the logo at any time!
  • The format cannot be compromised: do not slant or rotate the logo in any way.

Logo File Available through SMS Masterminds

The logo is available in EPS format, created in Illustrator and saved as 6.0 for PC’s. The logo is also available in jpeg format for electronic media only, and in tiff format. In all cases other than electronic media, the EPS format must be used. If unable to use EPS, you may use tiff only when transparent backgrounds are not required.

If you need a different format, SMS Masterminds will submit the graphic file to you. Do not reformat unless permission is granted by SMS Masterminds.

Using the SMS Masterminds Name in Written Communications

When using the SMS Masterminds name in written text, always observes these rules:

  1. “SMS” is always in ALL CAPS.
  2. The first “M” in Masterminds is always capitalized.
  3. The middle “m” in Masterminds is always lowercase.
  4. There is always a space between “SMS” and “Masterminds


  •   SMS Masterminds


  •   SMS masterminds
  •   Sms Masterminds
  •   SmS Masterminds
  •   SMS masterminds
  •   SMS MasterMinds
  •  sms masterminds
  •  SMSMasterminds

The Lava Lamp Look

The Meaning of the Masterminds Blobs

We are the source, the blob at the bottom of the lamp. Masterminds go out into the marketplace as a piece of the source, only to return to that source with data and knowledge. This feeds the source, making more, and better, Masterminds.

(In Perpetuity)